Sunday, May 31, 2015

Finally .. sandals..

The garden, baking, jam and work have kept we away from my crafts for a while but I'm back on track , finally. A co worker had brought me a picture she found on pintrest that she wanted to know if I would make for her sister in law who is due in July. I did a google search and came up with a couple of cute patterns but we settled on two. I start these almost a month ago but I kicked it into high gear and finished them up  today while the bread is proofing. I enjoy booties but I'm not sure I'd tackle these again..

These are the Baby Strap Flip Flops from Bethany Dearden on her blog Whistle and Ivy. I've barely had a chance to skim her site but I've seen some really cute and doable ideas. I added her to my "when I get a spare minute list.".

This is the second pattern we picked and they run from 0 to 6 months so they are a bit bigger and might be used a bit longer. It's an easy pattern but I had a horrible time with gage. I know I redid one sole at least 6 times. Super small items are not my area of expertise.  These are Baby Espadrille Sandals  by Caroline Brooke. I picked up those super cute buttons at Joanne's and manage not to buy a single skein of yarn. Plus all yarn used here was Caron Soft and it was already in my stash, so I'm still on the cold sheep plan! I can say I was very tempted to pick up a few more buttons..but I prevailed. Actually I'm just waiting for a good coupon or a

I hope the receiving party is as thrilled with them as I am to see them head out of the house! I'm heading back to work on a blanket for a bit before the timer goes off for the Cinnamon Raisin Bread. If it comes out as good as they claim I'll share it with you.

Currently I'm ready No Regrets from Shannon Butcher, and I want to say thanks to her husband Jim Butcher (who is also and author I love) for encouraging her to write. It's part of a series and I'm on the look out for the rest. I did go to our local library sale yesterday, I even surprised the volunteers by only getting 12 books. I don't know if the back log of books is catching up to me or if I have really read so much that I'm getting picky..

Have a great Weekend!