Wednesday, June 17, 2015

July Starts A Year of Projects


 I want to say thanks to a couple of bloggers on Ravelry that pointed me to this great group, A Year of Projects! It's a Blog-a-long, so feel free to jump in, and the premise is that you make a list of crafty projects that have been hanging around a while, are half finished or have been taking up space on your wish list then on Sundays you post a review of your progress of the prior week. One of my favorite points is that it runs from July to June, which is so much nicer for me since I hate the idea that I am running helter skelter towards Christmas and trying to get ALL THE PROJECTS completed by year end. It just never happens.. They don't seem to be picky and you can join at anytime on your own time frame, so just come and take part in the fun.

I spent some time thinking about what exactly really belongs on the list, things that are totally do able, things that have been awaiting their turn to be finished or a few of "I'd really Love to do these" projects. I decided to hit on a bit of each category. I might even be adventurous and add a few as the year progresses.

So my first official post should be July 5th. Be sure to stop in and see what kind of hot mess  progress I've made and help me hold my self accountable! I'm still working on the Cold Sheep ideal for 2015. And I'm almost shocked to say that I've almost done it. I did pick up a skein at a local festival but it was from Heelside Farms, which are some of my favorite people (and sheep) and I picked up some cotton for a project. BUT I have plans for it to go right back out so that shouldn't count..

So on to the list of Projects for the 2015-2016 Year of Projects Blog Along:

I'll start with the UFO's or long suffering projects if you'd rather 
Moose Welcome Cross Stitch
Jar Quilt for E
Round Pineapple Blanket for Mom
Wolf Panel- quilt
Log cabin panel- quilt

Current WIP- Crochet
Spring Granny Square blanket
Beachy Granny Square Blanket
Blue Star Baby Blanket
Mini Rings of Change Blanket

Current WIP in Cross Stitch
Lizzy Kate- Be who you are
Log cabin Quilts

New Projects
Wool Projects -
Bags of Fleece- Wash/Process/Dye
Spin roving bought from Heelside Farms
Get the wheel out and do some spinning

Crochet Projects
Cardigan for Me. I'm thinking it might be one of these three options
Midsummers Night
Cap It Off Topper

Mini Spirals of Change
Star Blanket
Angelica Afghan
Blue Mandala Throw
Log cabin
Grandmother's Flower Garden

Maple Leaf
Yes Yes Shawl
Festival Shawl
Hitchin a Ride
Charleston Wrap

Other items of Interest
I'm really loving the idea of mandalas lately just have to figure out how to use them.
Crochet Rugs.. this is happening this year.
Nature's Best Hat
Boot Cuffs and some cute boots to go with them
Rolling in the Deep Cowl
Cat beds for a local rescue
Veggie pillows for E's house
Leaping Stripes and Blocks Beanie
Lake Town Socks

And I'd love to be able to throw a bit of pottery before winter sets in this year.
So the list goes on and on but I'll use these as a guideline and get some of that stash out of the house!

I think I'll take the next couple of weeks to get patterns together with yarn and make some packages so I'll be ready to go. Feel the need to make some headway come join us!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out the Farm Blog CluckCluckBuzz for garden ideas, recipes and reviews as well as a lot of fun, too.