Friday, February 27, 2015

New on the Craft Front

I started this blog first but it never got off of the ground. Then I wanted to do something for the farm and well Everything but a Moose just didn't fit the farm idea, so I started CluckCluckBuzz. I was using it as an everything blog but it made more sense to move the crafty side back over here. So here we are.
I'll start it out with a finish and a show of a few WIPs.

This is a Corner to Corner that I did for a charity project for Premie's. E was born a  Eight weeks early and I totally understand how those parents feel. I was lucky enough to have my grandmother making all kinds of things for her name sake, so I was lucky enough to have something special for her while she was in waiting in the hospital.

To switch it up a bit I'll start with a Cross Stitch WIP "Moose Welcome" has hung around a bit too long. I picked it up a couple of weekends ago and made quite a bit of headway. I have another finished project that needs to be framed so I can take both in at once. 

I have a couple of quilt items, that are also waiting in the wings but I'll hold off on them for a bit and move back to Crochet. I've been working on a few blankets to have on hand, or to take to sales. I think my problem is that I love to start but when it comes to finishing something else comes along and catches my eye or I see a sale and I'm off to the next great project. 

Just a continuous granny. I love these since they are a simple stitch and great for travel and when I'm watching TV. Nothing to count and sturdy enough to be drug around by

This is one of my favorite patterns for kids. Star Blankets are so much fun to make and for kids to use. Let kids think out side of the box and have a fun pattern. The Cowboys fan at the house is under the impression that this might just be for him. This is isn't but I should start one so he can have it by football season..

Mini Rings of Change has been my fun but thinking blanket. I started it late last year and haven't been working on it but I hope to pick it back up and have it finished before Easter. That's the deadline I'm giving myself anyway. I have a few other projects I'd like to start but these really need to get completed so I can start others.

And something a bit different to round out this list. I've signed up for a dying class on March 28th at Heelside Farms using regular dyes. I'm going to miss the one this weekend using natural dyes because my Daisy Troop is doing a last ditch effort to sell cookies on the same day. While I'd rather be feeding lambs and dying wool, I need to help make that last effort to clear out this cookies! And the fact that I haven't gotten this pound of wool cleaned and ready for dying helps that decision too. I have a month to get this  wool washed and ready to go, if I'm really ambitious I have a few more  that need it too. These need to move on to the next stage because shearing season is right around the corner and you know I'll have to get a couple of those too. Local wool just makes me happy.