Thursday, March 5, 2015

Going Cold Sheep for 2015

As you can see I have plenty of Stash and I should be able to find nearly anything I would ever need to start another pattern or project. So in order to make room for other items and make use of what's already in here, I'm going Cold Sheep. Yep I said it and I really mean it. I'm even encouraging E to come and shop mom's stash.
This was my original idea for stash.. shouldn't need more room than this...right

This is two containers deep see the other stack peeking out. And there's my quilting frame.

And another stack as you walk in

So far this year I've done very well. I bought two skeins to finish off a project already started and that's it. In fact Chris sent me a message that he had a coupon for 50% off at Micheal's and didn't I need some thing.. I said no. I know, I was even shocked at myself.

Having said all that I am going to Heelside Farms the end of the month and I will leave with a skein or two but that's just supporting your local farmer right? Supposedly I'm going for a dying class but I'm really going to smooze the
 And seriously who can resist this face

And on another note I'd did get the Window Toppers hung in my craft room. I had wanted to curtains but I need all the light I can get, so we compromised. I'm moving some items out, rearranging other things and maybe doing a bit organization, but I'd rather be crafting..

Monday, March 2, 2015

Easter Bonnet Ideas

We have a friend with two small toddlers and an older girl. She was asking about the possibility of me making a set of Bonnets/hats for the girls for Easter. I had made a few for E, oh about 23 years ago but it was a simple bonnet with ribbon, and I'm sure I could knock out a couple of those for the little ones but I don't think the 8 year old would be thrilled.

She's having picture done and I'm on the search for something that might have the same lines or shapes but be age appropriate.

When I think Bonnet, Especially Easter Bonnet, this is what I think of, Basic Baby Bonnet. But not so much for the older girl. So I've moved on to maybe a shell stitch with a ribbon and maybe a single flower for the younger girls and then some thing in the same line with a group of smaller flowers for the big sister.

Something like this...for the little girls with a ribbon instead of the ties. And something along these lines for the other;  . I'd made the small kin of flower for both just different sizes and I think light colors for the younger and a shade darker for the older girls.

Do you have a favorite bonnet pattern? I've got a bit of time so I'm going to work on it a bit to get it just right. Hopefully I'll have something to show soon..