Monday, July 25, 2016

Owl update and Year of Projects Week 4

So the owl was delivered today!! Super excited on my part and crying on the mom's She loved it and I'm glad she's glad and then I'm also glad because I can move on to a new project.

Thankfully it came out better than my picture taking abilities! 

I'm in for a quick project for my next start and I have to work on a few that I've got in progress. 
Couple of more baby projects in the works, a black cat hat for friends of our daughter who are expecting  boy and are HUGE Carolina Panther fans. Dad has a running bet/fear that the baby will be born on the first home game of the So I thought a cat hat in panther colors would go over great as well as be a bit of fun. Mom is 26 and due in September, really active still, in fact she ran a 5k a week ago, while I'm lucky to get the yard mowed and trimmed in one weekend. I'm afraid my age is showing! It's strange to think these kids that bickered on the swings and made mud pies will be swinging with their own babies soon,,,time certainly flies.

In that black hole that is pintrest I found this super cute square that I'll have to work into the next baby blanket.
How to Crochet Pretty Granny Square BlanketI think I'd use it like my pink and green squares in progress. I haven't made much progress on those but I'm working on granny stitches around the connected center squares and then once it reaches a certain size I'll add another round of squares and then a boarder. Kinda like a simple Wendy blanket. Which of course is on my wish list!

As far as what's taking up all of my time this week it's still figs, this weekend was Fig Strawberry and Fig Marmalade.

 I need to start some plants for the fall garden but it's way too hot to start anything outside, so I'm digging into the stash for the next project!

Have a great week and check out more ideas and updates here, or join us on our Year of Projects journey.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Year of Projects Year 6 week3

Just as Short note this week to show the progress on the owl cocoon. It's finally coming together. lots of lose ends and a couple more crocodile rows to go and it will ready to send off. I'm also working on a blanket and a hat for the baby but I might just go ahead and gift the cocoon since it was a request. 
Owl Cocoon 

I think it's turned out quite well! I've made a few revisions to sizing and learned a new stitch but I'll be happy to see it off to it's new home. I'm working on a blanket and then an owl hat for the same baby, as well as a blanket for another. Hoping to have one more started after this, then one more baby gift and then it's back other non baby items.

AS for the Crocodile stitch, I had made it much worse than it really was. I'll be looking for another project to use it in. Any suggestions? Tell me do you love it, can you do with out it or like me and just hadn't tried it..

Figs are on and that's taking time away from crafting and soon fall bazaars and shows will start so I need to fit it all in. I could use another four or five hours to my day
These are what took up so much of my normal crafting time this weekend! 

As for my yearly list, I think I'll be carrying over the majority of the items. I am glad to say that some of it can be cleared off and a few things will be added. But one thing I can say is that I have kept my promise to myself to go cold sheep and only buy what I had to have for a project, like the owl. The stash has taken over and it needs to work it's way down a container or two, so that I can make room for other projects, like a quilt rack and the spinning wheel!

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I'll have a Friday Finish! If you'd like to join a Year in Projects or Just check out some more great blogs check us out on Ravelry.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Update: Year of Project Year 6 week 2

I missed week one already! But not for trying, the canning got a bit in the way over the Holiday weekend!

I might have been a bit over zealous when I went to the farmers market, since I picked up about 100 lbs in peaches.  The late frost took out of early peach blooms and I didn't want to miss out on peach jam this year. We can Jams for sale so the amount isn't really that crazy but all at once put me a bit behind. Of course the cucumbers are on too as well as blueberries so I was stuck in the kitchen the majority of my time off.
Here are just a few fruits of my labor;

SO now on to Crochet!
I did manage to work on a couple of items over the last couple of weeks, I haven't gotten the list updated but I'm hoping to have that done this week. And I'm hoping to be able to stick to it this year!

This is the one picture that I took last week when I was planning on getting a post out and a bit of an update it on it also.

This is last week
Today! Squares are joined and it's well on it's way to being the center of a new baby blanket

Progress on the Owl Cocoon, Cocoon parts completed, on to Owl parts next. It has a breast piece that is crocodile stitches, wings and eyes to go. It will be my first go round with the crocodile stitch so wish me luck!

Here's my cardigan, I had hoped it would be a Spring Cardigan but I think it's going to end up as a fall accessory. But that works too. The back and one side are complete. Work has started on the second side and that leaves sleeves. First garment for adults and depending on how it goes will determine if there are more in the future.

No progress on other items but I made a deal with myself, no new starts until one of these are finished. Just a bit of incentive to get a finish..

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