Sunday, August 9, 2015

Year of Project -Wk 6

Not a very busy craft week but I did manage to add a couple of patterns to my list of projects and I did manage to get all 60 of  small squares sewn together for my Sidewalk CAL. Now it's just one to the next phase medium squares, of which there are only 25 but we'll see how long it takes me to get the correct sizing..

Here's the latest on the Sidewalk CAL, it's coming along pretty good so far.
Sixty small blocks together so far,,

I spent a bit of time on Ravelry this week while I made some phone calls, I had to pass the time while I was on hold right?! And I ran across this ridiculously cute lion.. So expect to see him added to the project list. There is just something about the toes that just do me in! Check out her Ravelry patterns she has a few more awesome stuffies.

I have also had a couple of requests for some Tams or beanies for the fall so I'll be looking in my pattern books and checking out Ravelry this week for those too. Do you have a favorite pattern you'd like to share? It's always something new to add it's no wonder I can't seem to catch up!

We're also coming up on the end of peach season and figs are on so I'm picking and canning too.
If you're interested in the Farm Side check out my other blog CluckCluckBuzz.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Work In Progress Wednesday

So this week one of the bigger items I'm working on and actually making some headway is the Sidewalk CAL. The pattern is based on  a quilt set up and starts with small squares which leads into medium and larger squares. Some other crafters who have joined the CAL are doing a tighter square so that it lends itself to look more like a "quilted" square. I opted for a more open square only because I didn't want the afghan to be "dense", or stiff.

The CAL is still in process if you are interested in joining. Check it out on Ravelry.
Sidewalk Quilt by

So far I only have one tip for anyone who is thinking about doing this pattern, I chose to work with four colors because I didn't want it to be too busy, all those small squares are super busy on their own and I thought adding more color wouldn't help it all. I also had the idea that I didn't want to have large patches of colors, so no duplicate colors next to each other. I haven't had to do that so far but I do have some that are corner to corner. Had I just added another color I think that would have taken care of that issue. So my advice is go ahead and splurge and add another color to your pile!
These are my four colors, should have added another, Burgundy perhaps..

So far I've been able to shop my stash for this but soon I'll be venturing out and picking up another skein or two of each to keep the progress going. I've been really good this year about staying on the cold sheep bandwagon and not adding to the mess in the craft room but these will be coming in and being used up right away so they don't count towards the stash total!

The 60 small squares are completed. The date is totally not right, I had to pull out the old camera and I had no idea that it was still posting a date much less one that was so far off!

Here's where we are now.. .

Pretty Good Progress and the remaining Squares
Lots of loose ends..
Books and Yarn my two favorite things.. squares not so much

 Once I get the smalls together I'll start the medium Squares, which might go a bit faster since there are only 25 of those. And for the final large squares there are only 10. Let's just hope that they all line up the way I plan!

Along with my crafting I am reading Nemesis by Catherine Coulter. This is the newest installment in her FBI thriller series. Likeable characters, great plot twists and the story moves quickly. I think this is installment #19 in the series, you can pick up from here or you can start at the beginning. Great series that I highly recommend!

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Year of Projects -Week 5

First of all I am having problems adjusting to the fact that it is already August! And now we are already into week 5 of the Year of Projects. If you'd like to join, you'll first need to be a member of Ravelry, and then check out the Group a Year of Projects. I can say it has encouraged me to get some things finished and get other projects that have been languishing on my list for a while out of the craft room, and on to a hook!

This week's work has been something I started a couple of weeks ago, the Sidewalk CAL. I finally finished the first 60 small squares and will working on getting them sewn together and then on to the middle size square.  I attended a NC Coastal Federation Seminar on Friday about off shore drilling and I had a bit of time while the pro drillers were talking to work on squares. So I guess something good came of it...

My normal camera is having issues so I had to pull out an older one, Please ignore the I didn't realize it was printing the date much less so far off until I posted it.

I've completed the body portion of the Rabbit Stuffie and started the head. Haven't picked the  Yes Yes Shawl back up but I'm hoping that will be my TV project for next week. I think I'll be working on putting together squares during lunch this week.

I can 't believe how quickly the bazaar season is slipping up on me. I always start off the year saying that I will start early on won't have this last minute rush for booth items and Christmas gifts, this won't be the year that happens. I had high hopes but maybe if I stay on it and carve out some dedicated time I'll slide into the season with a few items ready..

Hoping every one is having a productive week!