Sunday, August 9, 2015

Year of Project -Wk 6

Not a very busy craft week but I did manage to add a couple of patterns to my list of projects and I did manage to get all 60 of  small squares sewn together for my Sidewalk CAL. Now it's just one to the next phase medium squares, of which there are only 25 but we'll see how long it takes me to get the correct sizing..

Here's the latest on the Sidewalk CAL, it's coming along pretty good so far.
Sixty small blocks together so far,,

I spent a bit of time on Ravelry this week while I made some phone calls, I had to pass the time while I was on hold right?! And I ran across this ridiculously cute lion.. So expect to see him added to the project list. There is just something about the toes that just do me in! Check out her Ravelry patterns she has a few more awesome stuffies.

I have also had a couple of requests for some Tams or beanies for the fall so I'll be looking in my pattern books and checking out Ravelry this week for those too. Do you have a favorite pattern you'd like to share? It's always something new to add it's no wonder I can't seem to catch up!

We're also coming up on the end of peach season and figs are on so I'm picking and canning too.
If you're interested in the Farm Side check out my other blog CluckCluckBuzz.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Work In Progress Wednesday

So this week one of the bigger items I'm working on and actually making some headway is the Sidewalk CAL. The pattern is based on  a quilt set up and starts with small squares which leads into medium and larger squares. Some other crafters who have joined the CAL are doing a tighter square so that it lends itself to look more like a "quilted" square. I opted for a more open square only because I didn't want the afghan to be "dense", or stiff.

The CAL is still in process if you are interested in joining. Check it out on Ravelry.
Sidewalk Quilt by

So far I only have one tip for anyone who is thinking about doing this pattern, I chose to work with four colors because I didn't want it to be too busy, all those small squares are super busy on their own and I thought adding more color wouldn't help it all. I also had the idea that I didn't want to have large patches of colors, so no duplicate colors next to each other. I haven't had to do that so far but I do have some that are corner to corner. Had I just added another color I think that would have taken care of that issue. So my advice is go ahead and splurge and add another color to your pile!
These are my four colors, should have added another, Burgundy perhaps..

So far I've been able to shop my stash for this but soon I'll be venturing out and picking up another skein or two of each to keep the progress going. I've been really good this year about staying on the cold sheep bandwagon and not adding to the mess in the craft room but these will be coming in and being used up right away so they don't count towards the stash total!

The 60 small squares are completed. The date is totally not right, I had to pull out the old camera and I had no idea that it was still posting a date much less one that was so far off!

Here's where we are now.. .

Pretty Good Progress and the remaining Squares
Lots of loose ends..
Books and Yarn my two favorite things.. squares not so much

 Once I get the smalls together I'll start the medium Squares, which might go a bit faster since there are only 25 of those. And for the final large squares there are only 10. Let's just hope that they all line up the way I plan!

Along with my crafting I am reading Nemesis by Catherine Coulter. This is the newest installment in her FBI thriller series. Likeable characters, great plot twists and the story moves quickly. I think this is installment #19 in the series, you can pick up from here or you can start at the beginning. Great series that I highly recommend!

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Year of Projects -Week 5

First of all I am having problems adjusting to the fact that it is already August! And now we are already into week 5 of the Year of Projects. If you'd like to join, you'll first need to be a member of Ravelry, and then check out the Group a Year of Projects. I can say it has encouraged me to get some things finished and get other projects that have been languishing on my list for a while out of the craft room, and on to a hook!

This week's work has been something I started a couple of weeks ago, the Sidewalk CAL. I finally finished the first 60 small squares and will working on getting them sewn together and then on to the middle size square.  I attended a NC Coastal Federation Seminar on Friday about off shore drilling and I had a bit of time while the pro drillers were talking to work on squares. So I guess something good came of it...

My normal camera is having issues so I had to pull out an older one, Please ignore the I didn't realize it was printing the date much less so far off until I posted it.

I've completed the body portion of the Rabbit Stuffie and started the head. Haven't picked the  Yes Yes Shawl back up but I'm hoping that will be my TV project for next week. I think I'll be working on putting together squares during lunch this week.

I can 't believe how quickly the bazaar season is slipping up on me. I always start off the year saying that I will start early on won't have this last minute rush for booth items and Christmas gifts, this won't be the year that happens. I had high hopes but maybe if I stay on it and carve out some dedicated time I'll slide into the season with a few items ready..

Hoping every one is having a productive week!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

YOP- Week 4

Here I am again running late with this post and It's gonna be a short one. I have started three projects, two that I am steadily working on, one that might be iffy and I have an ongoing project am a round away from a finish. So far I can say that joining the Year of Projects has been great motivator for me!
You can check out my list here. I have a couple of ideas that haven't been officially added yet but they are requests so I should add them to the list just so I know how many projects are underway and how many I've managed to accomplish.

The first start is one that was on my list, the Yes, Yes Shawl from Bernat. I'm using a really great hand dyed yarn from Unplanned Peacock Studio that I picked up at Carolina Fiber Fest earlier this year. I'm always glad to see Natasha at festivals because I know she'll always have a great selection and at least a few skeins that I can't live with out. I've just gotten started, really I've only had a short amount of time Sunday afternoon and I haven't picked it back up but I have high hopes for it to move along late this week.I can see the blocking board in my future..

The other two starts are both Stuffies, one is a rabbit and the other is a stegosaurus. I might or might not have been a bit too excited over Jurassic World this summer. I seem to have added a few dinosaur patterns to my The rabbit is done in continuous rounds and I think it will go fairly quickly. The dino is my problem, it's in UK terms, which isn't a problem, my brain can do the adjustment easily. The problem is the directions and it's not the designer it's me. There are lots of breaks and restarts and skip stitches. It will take more time and attention than I have to give to it right at this point in time. 

My time hasn't been my own lately, we have a ton of farm related things going on right now that seem to eat away at my crafting minutes. It's not yarn or fiber but I it's a finished product!
Fig Strawberry Jam! With real Strawberries not that nasty Jello stuff..

Have a great week and sign up here for A Year of Projects! Lots of fun, encouragement and no pressure.

Friday, July 24, 2015

It was just a bump in the road..

I didn't actually fall off of the cold sheep wagon, just a minor mishap. But having said that I want to share with you a couple of skeins that I picked up at a local festival, Carolina Fiber Fest. I'm looking forward to SAFF in the fall but CFF is close to us and run by friends so I have to stop by and pick up something right?  I figure if I manage to empty a box of stash before October I can pick up a few things in Asheville, NC during the SAFF weekend, October 30th - Nov 1st, 2015.

One set is from my very favorite farm, Heelside Farms, the people are wonderful, the sheep are beautiful and I can always find something I have to have! Lucky for me they are only about and hour and a half from the house! My picture doesn't do it justice! I did pick up two skeins of this colorway and I'm on the look out for the perfect pattern. I've should have about 590 yards so a medium shawlette would be great.

 The other is from another shop that I seem to always find something I can't live with out Unplanned Peacock Studios, it's a good thing she's in Virginia, I might have a stash that is more out of hand than it currently is.

I did pick up two skeins of this also and I hope to use it for  the Yes Yes Shawl, which is on my 2015 Year of Projects List. The pattern calls for almost 300 yards and I think might slide in right around that amount.  This is in her turquoise colorway, and it just jumped right into my hands and had to come home with me.

I'm hoping to be able to post some progress on the shawl on Sunday for the Year of Projects weekly post. Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Today I'm working on a bright Spring Granny Square blanket, while reading a dark drama. Maybe they will even each other out a bit.

I've got just a couple of more rounds to go on the blanket then a scalloped boarder I'm thinking to make it a bit more girly. My only problem is this yarn..or the lack of it I seem to be having.

This is all I can find at the moment and did I keep the Have I been all over creation looking for this yarn..yes..any luck..none. I haven't given up yet, I feel sure that I'll be able to put my hands on some. I do have two more boxes of stash that I haven't looked at yet and one more store to visit. If it doesn't work I'll have to make an executive decision and move on. No time to let it hold me back.  

Here's where I am right now.

On the reading side, I really like Karin Slaughter but this one was a bit hard to read in the beginning. It's based in Atlanta in the early 70's and deals with women on the Police force, men being 1970 knuckle dragging men but like most of her books they have a better ending.

Wish me luck or at least cross your fingers with me and hope for the best. I've got a couple of projects waiting in the wings and this UFO has been hanging around a bit too long for comfort.

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 This project definitely a stashbuster check out some others over at Linda's crafty Corner.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

YOP- Week Three

I've had a finish for something totally not on the list, some progress on the Spring Baby Granny which is on the list and I'm adding a few things too.

I have a coworker that has a niece on the way, due next week and I've already made her some summer sandals, when I was asked to make a cabbage patch hat. I completed the hat and took it in to check on the details, braids or ponytails and ribbon color. She decided the totally curly look wasn't what she was looking for so back to the drawing board  hooks I went. So now we have "bangs and pony tails". Hopefully this will fill the bill. The other will go into the Bazaar box, so not such a big deal.

Progress on the Spring Baby Granny, I think maybe two more rounds and a half double border and this will move on to the finished pile too. I'm sure I have another skein of the green, that's all that's holding me up right now is the diving into the stash boxes to find it.

So before I do that I had to decide what was next on the list. I really wanted to do a light shawl to have ready for me to wear to the fall farmers market. Nothing too flashy but fashionable. I have the Yes, Yes Shawl on my list and I just need to find the right yarn for it. I have some wool in mind, but so I have enough is the question. Add that to the list of things to look for today.

And on to the adds, I have always had a few Stuffies on my list but I've spent a bit too much time on pintrest this week and I think I have to add a few more. They would be a good item to have on hand for sales and quick kids gifts. I have always wanted to do a moose for me and Kitties for E,  and who doesn't love a unicorn plus I know exactly who to do a goat for,so I think I'll be updating the list with a few of those too.

If you want to join in the fun check out the Year of Projects group in Ravelry.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week Two- Ready to see the end of "Rings"

For week two I'm not doing too bad. Posting a bit late but it is on Sunday , so there's that. I have decided that if I'm going to get this Wish List even close to being completed I'd better get moving on it.

While I'd like to say that I am just cruising right along, I did have a finish last week and I have one for this week, but they are projects that had been hanging around for a while. Last week was my Blue Star blanket (toddler size) and now I have just completed the final round of the mini rings of change. I can say I have never been happier to see that final round of 570 single crochets. It does make a really nice child size blanket or throw. I've had many compliments on it while it's been in process. 

Definitely not the greatest picture for either one. I really need to get them outside and so we can see the real detail. I would recommend this pattern if you are in the market for something different. Each row is a different stitch, which keeps you on your toes and works up as an interesting design!

I've make the commitment to not start another project until one has come off of the WIP in progress list. This makes number two and I am adding a hat to the original list. I guess it doesn't have to be added to the list since it is a request from a coworker for a soon to be born niece, but it helps me to keep track of what I've done and to keep me from starting another project before it's time. It's very true I suffer a serious case of startitis..

This strange amoeba will soon be a Cabbage Patch Kids Hopefully this will be another finish by next weekend. I'm pulling out the Spring granny square blanket to work on next as well as doing more squares for the sidewalk CAL.

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If you'd like to join in on a Year of Projects check out the group here on Ravelry. Lots of fun and great blogs and projects. Feel free to join at anytime!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Year of Projects Week One

yop banner 2.jpg

I've joined this great group on Ravelry called A Year of Projects . You have to be a member of Ravelry, and why wouldn't you be? It's an awesome site, I call it facebook for fiber people.

The idea is that you come up with a list of items, or projects or whatever that you want to accomplish over the next year. The year runs from July to June and it's in  it's 5th year. I personally need a push to keep me on track and of course I have a much larger list than I could finish in a year but hopefully this will ensure that I post regularly and actually have a few finishes.

I created my list a couple of weeks ago and of course I have added to it all ready. I signed up to do the Sidewalk CAL, again on Ravelry. Plenty of time to join and it's all simple squares that turn into something different. I've picked my four colors and started my squares. I'm thinking this one will go quickly, well relatively quickly for me.
There will be three or four different size squares and I'm working on the smallest ones first. I hope to have a few more done before next weekend and I might even have a few sewn together by then...

My list starts with older items that have been hanging around a bit too long and a list of few things that I am currently near the end of.

The Current WIP- Crochet 
Spring Granny Square blanket Next on the list!
Beachy Granny Square Blanket I've got to find the right colors for the boarder for this
Blue Star Baby Blanket I'm happy to report that this one was finish this weekend!
Mini Rings of Change I'm one round 36 of 41 so not too much longer

So far the idea has been working great for me, I've got a finish my Blue Star Baby Blanket, as seen below. I've also put together a few bundles with patterns and I'm still on the cold sheep band wagon, for right now anyway. I'll be digging into the totes to look for more skeins for the sidewalk CAL, but that doesn't count, right, it is for a project and not just yarn hoarding.

This post should have been on Sunday, but it's been a bit of a crazy weekend and I'm off today so technically, Tuesday is my Monday. (Edited to add that it's taken me till Thursday to get the pictures so I'm a bit later than planned) So for more updates check back during the week and for sure on next Sunday for another update and hopefully another finish!

If you're looking for farm ideas, recipes and cute animal pictures check out my other blog CluckCluckBuzz. I warn you super cute duckling pictures have recently been posted along with their foster mom, Matilda the Chicken!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

July Starts A Year of Projects


 I want to say thanks to a couple of bloggers on Ravelry that pointed me to this great group, A Year of Projects! It's a Blog-a-long, so feel free to jump in, and the premise is that you make a list of crafty projects that have been hanging around a while, are half finished or have been taking up space on your wish list then on Sundays you post a review of your progress of the prior week. One of my favorite points is that it runs from July to June, which is so much nicer for me since I hate the idea that I am running helter skelter towards Christmas and trying to get ALL THE PROJECTS completed by year end. It just never happens.. They don't seem to be picky and you can join at anytime on your own time frame, so just come and take part in the fun.

I spent some time thinking about what exactly really belongs on the list, things that are totally do able, things that have been awaiting their turn to be finished or a few of "I'd really Love to do these" projects. I decided to hit on a bit of each category. I might even be adventurous and add a few as the year progresses.

So my first official post should be July 5th. Be sure to stop in and see what kind of hot mess  progress I've made and help me hold my self accountable! I'm still working on the Cold Sheep ideal for 2015. And I'm almost shocked to say that I've almost done it. I did pick up a skein at a local festival but it was from Heelside Farms, which are some of my favorite people (and sheep) and I picked up some cotton for a project. BUT I have plans for it to go right back out so that shouldn't count..

So on to the list of Projects for the 2015-2016 Year of Projects Blog Along:

I'll start with the UFO's or long suffering projects if you'd rather 
Moose Welcome Cross Stitch
Jar Quilt for E
Round Pineapple Blanket for Mom
Wolf Panel- quilt
Log cabin panel- quilt

Current WIP- Crochet
Spring Granny Square blanket
Beachy Granny Square Blanket
Blue Star Baby Blanket
Mini Rings of Change Blanket

Current WIP in Cross Stitch
Lizzy Kate- Be who you are
Log cabin Quilts

New Projects
Wool Projects -
Bags of Fleece- Wash/Process/Dye
Spin roving bought from Heelside Farms
Get the wheel out and do some spinning

Crochet Projects
Cardigan for Me. I'm thinking it might be one of these three options
Midsummers Night
Cap It Off Topper

Mini Spirals of Change
Star Blanket
Angelica Afghan
Blue Mandala Throw
Log cabin
Grandmother's Flower Garden

Maple Leaf
Yes Yes Shawl
Festival Shawl
Hitchin a Ride
Charleston Wrap

Other items of Interest
I'm really loving the idea of mandalas lately just have to figure out how to use them.
Crochet Rugs.. this is happening this year.
Nature's Best Hat
Boot Cuffs and some cute boots to go with them
Rolling in the Deep Cowl
Cat beds for a local rescue
Veggie pillows for E's house
Leaping Stripes and Blocks Beanie
Lake Town Socks

And I'd love to be able to throw a bit of pottery before winter sets in this year.
So the list goes on and on but I'll use these as a guideline and get some of that stash out of the house!

I think I'll take the next couple of weeks to get patterns together with yarn and make some packages so I'll be ready to go. Feel the need to make some headway come join us!

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out the Farm Blog CluckCluckBuzz for garden ideas, recipes and reviews as well as a lot of fun, too.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Finally .. sandals..

The garden, baking, jam and work have kept we away from my crafts for a while but I'm back on track , finally. A co worker had brought me a picture she found on pintrest that she wanted to know if I would make for her sister in law who is due in July. I did a google search and came up with a couple of cute patterns but we settled on two. I start these almost a month ago but I kicked it into high gear and finished them up  today while the bread is proofing. I enjoy booties but I'm not sure I'd tackle these again..

These are the Baby Strap Flip Flops from Bethany Dearden on her blog Whistle and Ivy. I've barely had a chance to skim her site but I've seen some really cute and doable ideas. I added her to my "when I get a spare minute list.".

This is the second pattern we picked and they run from 0 to 6 months so they are a bit bigger and might be used a bit longer. It's an easy pattern but I had a horrible time with gage. I know I redid one sole at least 6 times. Super small items are not my area of expertise.  These are Baby Espadrille Sandals  by Caroline Brooke. I picked up those super cute buttons at Joanne's and manage not to buy a single skein of yarn. Plus all yarn used here was Caron Soft and it was already in my stash, so I'm still on the cold sheep plan! I can say I was very tempted to pick up a few more buttons..but I prevailed. Actually I'm just waiting for a good coupon or a

I hope the receiving party is as thrilled with them as I am to see them head out of the house! I'm heading back to work on a blanket for a bit before the timer goes off for the Cinnamon Raisin Bread. If it comes out as good as they claim I'll share it with you.

Currently I'm ready No Regrets from Shannon Butcher, and I want to say thanks to her husband Jim Butcher (who is also and author I love) for encouraging her to write. It's part of a series and I'm on the look out for the rest. I did go to our local library sale yesterday, I even surprised the volunteers by only getting 12 books. I don't know if the back log of books is catching up to me or if I have really read so much that I'm getting picky..

Have a great Weekend!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Going Cold Sheep for 2015

As you can see I have plenty of Stash and I should be able to find nearly anything I would ever need to start another pattern or project. So in order to make room for other items and make use of what's already in here, I'm going Cold Sheep. Yep I said it and I really mean it. I'm even encouraging E to come and shop mom's stash.
This was my original idea for stash.. shouldn't need more room than this...right

This is two containers deep see the other stack peeking out. And there's my quilting frame.

And another stack as you walk in

So far this year I've done very well. I bought two skeins to finish off a project already started and that's it. In fact Chris sent me a message that he had a coupon for 50% off at Micheal's and didn't I need some thing.. I said no. I know, I was even shocked at myself.

Having said all that I am going to Heelside Farms the end of the month and I will leave with a skein or two but that's just supporting your local farmer right? Supposedly I'm going for a dying class but I'm really going to smooze the
 And seriously who can resist this face

And on another note I'd did get the Window Toppers hung in my craft room. I had wanted to curtains but I need all the light I can get, so we compromised. I'm moving some items out, rearranging other things and maybe doing a bit organization, but I'd rather be crafting..

Monday, March 2, 2015

Easter Bonnet Ideas

We have a friend with two small toddlers and an older girl. She was asking about the possibility of me making a set of Bonnets/hats for the girls for Easter. I had made a few for E, oh about 23 years ago but it was a simple bonnet with ribbon, and I'm sure I could knock out a couple of those for the little ones but I don't think the 8 year old would be thrilled.

She's having picture done and I'm on the search for something that might have the same lines or shapes but be age appropriate.

When I think Bonnet, Especially Easter Bonnet, this is what I think of, Basic Baby Bonnet. But not so much for the older girl. So I've moved on to maybe a shell stitch with a ribbon and maybe a single flower for the younger girls and then some thing in the same line with a group of smaller flowers for the big sister.

Something like this...for the little girls with a ribbon instead of the ties. And something along these lines for the other;  . I'd made the small kin of flower for both just different sizes and I think light colors for the younger and a shade darker for the older girls.

Do you have a favorite bonnet pattern? I've got a bit of time so I'm going to work on it a bit to get it just right. Hopefully I'll have something to show soon..

Friday, February 27, 2015

New on the Craft Front

I started this blog first but it never got off of the ground. Then I wanted to do something for the farm and well Everything but a Moose just didn't fit the farm idea, so I started CluckCluckBuzz. I was using it as an everything blog but it made more sense to move the crafty side back over here. So here we are.
I'll start it out with a finish and a show of a few WIPs.

This is a Corner to Corner that I did for a charity project for Premie's. E was born a  Eight weeks early and I totally understand how those parents feel. I was lucky enough to have my grandmother making all kinds of things for her name sake, so I was lucky enough to have something special for her while she was in waiting in the hospital.

To switch it up a bit I'll start with a Cross Stitch WIP "Moose Welcome" has hung around a bit too long. I picked it up a couple of weekends ago and made quite a bit of headway. I have another finished project that needs to be framed so I can take both in at once. 

I have a couple of quilt items, that are also waiting in the wings but I'll hold off on them for a bit and move back to Crochet. I've been working on a few blankets to have on hand, or to take to sales. I think my problem is that I love to start but when it comes to finishing something else comes along and catches my eye or I see a sale and I'm off to the next great project. 

Just a continuous granny. I love these since they are a simple stitch and great for travel and when I'm watching TV. Nothing to count and sturdy enough to be drug around by

This is one of my favorite patterns for kids. Star Blankets are so much fun to make and for kids to use. Let kids think out side of the box and have a fun pattern. The Cowboys fan at the house is under the impression that this might just be for him. This is isn't but I should start one so he can have it by football season..

Mini Rings of Change has been my fun but thinking blanket. I started it late last year and haven't been working on it but I hope to pick it back up and have it finished before Easter. That's the deadline I'm giving myself anyway. I have a few other projects I'd like to start but these really need to get completed so I can start others.

And something a bit different to round out this list. I've signed up for a dying class on March 28th at Heelside Farms using regular dyes. I'm going to miss the one this weekend using natural dyes because my Daisy Troop is doing a last ditch effort to sell cookies on the same day. While I'd rather be feeding lambs and dying wool, I need to help make that last effort to clear out this cookies! And the fact that I haven't gotten this pound of wool cleaned and ready for dying helps that decision too. I have a month to get this  wool washed and ready to go, if I'm really ambitious I have a few more  that need it too. These need to move on to the next stage because shearing season is right around the corner and you know I'll have to get a couple of those too. Local wool just makes me happy.