Friday, July 13, 2018

Samhain Secrets by Jennifer David Hesse

It's Friday the 13th!!! What a better time than this to post this review!

It's Halloween season and Keli has a lot going on, she's finally made Junior partner in the law firm, it's also Samhain for Keli's Wiccan side, a former client is haunted in her new home and the aunt Keli has always hoped to meet has gone missing. When Keli is notified that her aunt has been killed, she steps up again to solve the mystery, with a some help from her friends.

This is the fourth book in the Wiccan Wheel Mystery series and Hesse can truly paint a scene for the reader. Just like the cover you'll feel the crisp night air and shiver in the graveyard with Keli while she's closing in on the ghostly sounds coming from a tomb. The characters are well rounded and the story rolls along a fast pace, it takes a couple of different storylines and ties them together well with an uplifting ending. Strong. smart female characters and a good community storyline..

The story line cover all kinds of topics, friendship, balancing work and personal relationships, and a mystery to boot. It's a fun quick read and I think it will appeal to a wide variety of readers. I had not read the first three books, but didn't have any problems diving in and enjoying the story. The ending leaves you  ready for the next book and hints at some new directions for Keli, I can't wait to see where she goes.

This book is due to be released late in August just time to coincide with the fall/Holiday season in the story.  Put it on your list, you'll want to pick this one up and be on the look out for the first three books in the series, I know I am.
I received this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) from NetGalley in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Famous Chickens!

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If you love chickens, have a backyard flock or wish you did this is a coffee table book for you!
This book is full of enchanting pictures of Kathy Shea Mormino's flock, beautiful backyard and coops.Ms. Mormino is the self described Chicken Chick, who gives tips on having a healthy backyard flock. She has also been an advocate for backyard chickens in communities for many years.

This book however is not a how to book, it's really a "look how beautiful my Girls (and Roos) are" and I totally agree.  Kathy's Chicken's have been facebook and Instagram stars for a while and now she's sharing them with the rest of the world in book format! The adoring public has followed along with their ups and downs and now they are immortalized on paper.

Beautiful scenes are captured in the pages and the ever iconic Rachel is even given her own chapter!
You'll fall instantly in love the Araucanas and Frizzles, Marans and Cochins (think fuzzy feet).
The seasonal photography is breathtaking and it will make you want to pull up a chair and visit with them for a while.

She starts with the littles and seriously what's cuter than a baby chick? I personally have chickens and I can tell you that they have personalities from day one. It's an amazing thing to watch them grow from fuzzy little poofs to mini dinosaurs with their own distinct personalities.

Later chapters are for the girls and another for the boys. As I the perused the pages I saw many expressions that I have seen in my own flock. Scarlet steals my heart, she looks like our Martha and even has the same attitude, I wonder if it has something to do with being a redhead?

And of course there is a whole chapter on the Fluffy Butts, who doesn't love to see those bloomers?

Even better, if you are considering a flock of your own, there is an index listing every bird and their breed along with their name in the back. That way if you find The One, you'll know exactly what to ask for when at that next Chicken swap!

Chickens have so much personality and Kathy Shea Mormino has captured some of it in a most enjoyable way. This book would be great for kids, and adults alike. It is a picture book with some small amount of commentary. If you have someone on your gift list missing the farm life or dreaming of their own flock this book is a must.

I received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review.
This review is my own work and my own opinion.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Week 2 Year 8

Computer is still refusing to cooperate, so this post was delayed.

I managed to get a few things done this week. Worked on one project off of the list and another that was an order for a friends store. 

I'll start with the order, these don't take that long to do but my crochet time was cut a bit short this week due to some travel and pumpkin seed planting.

These Diva Dishcloths will be sent out this week to Up Beet Market in Wilmington. It's a vegan speciality store but she is also buying from local crafters, mainly kids items and other household things that support the lifestyle. She's been open just over a month and sales have been great. I'm always excited when someone can follow their dreams! So 12 dishcloths can be added to my list for July.

I had made a set of play veggies for her and they've flown out the door. I knew they had been popular but I didn't realize she was almost out. I had worked on Mushroom this week.

Three of the four that I sent. I guess I should have done a few more.

This is the display after the four mushrooms were added! I'll be working on veggies the next few days I guess..

 I did manage to work on one of the items on my list. The Unicorn Ripple. These colors are so much brighter than the actual colors. It's really pastel in person. And why in the world did I think single crochet ripples would be fun? I'll be happy to see the last row on this project.

While I didn't make much progress on the list I did make some progress on the cold sheep this week

Intake 0
12 Dishcloths -1440 yards
Mushrooms- 10 yards total (guestimate)
=1450 yards out for week 1

I'm not counting the progress on the ripple, I guess I could if I weighed the skeins but since I had the yarn in my stash I'll just count the total once it's finished. Easier that way and it keeps me moving items out!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm hoping for more progress next week!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Beginner's Garden- Book Review

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Beautiful and informative book for anyone who has or wants a garden.,
I've been gardening on a small scale for a long time but there are always things I have questions about and need an easy answer.. Not only will this book encourage you to pick you a seed catalogue or two but it helps you get a good understanding of what to grow, when to try to grow it and where to grow it too. Then there are the recipes, great ideas on what to do with all of the wonderful things that come out of your garden.

The book is split into seasons, so no matter when you pick it up there is relevant information . This book shows you how to garden with the basics, no need to run out and spend lots of money or to even have a large amount of space. Great ideas on companion plantings and container gardens.
No matter how much time or space you have, with this book you'll be ready to start growing your own food

I'm always asked what is a good book for someone with little or no experience in gardening or any kind of growing for that matter. While there are lots of good books out there, I would recommend this one. It's practical, step by step information. No pushy you need this expensive tool or gadget and if you want a garden from a couple of containers on your patio to a large plot this book gives you lots of great directions.

I received a free arc of this book for an honest review.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Week 1 Year 8 of a Year of Projects

So it looks like a new laptop will be in my future, it's conked out on my again this weekend. No warning, just poof, it turns off. I bought a battery the last time and it seemed to be fixed but no luck. So I'm a bit late again this week but I had to get the list up for year 8 week 1 of the Year of Projects.

I've had some finishes but I've had a lot of startitis too. So I've decided the best way to clear some of those bags that are hanging on my craft room door and to bust some of the stash too, I'm going to concentrate on working on some of the old outstanding projects I have literally hanging around.

I think this is a fairly good representation of the items. I did manage to finish up two last year and I'm hoping to see all of these this year. If I run across some others I'll add them to the list.

While I need to see the end of these, I know I have a hard time NOT starting something else. So I'm going to limit the new starts to one at a time and only if a project gets marked off of the list first. Hopefully I'll have some special orders or requests too.

Also I know me and I'll never be able to work on one project until it's done so I'll try to do a bit on each each week, or at least a few.. Thankfully it will help the cold sheep process too, since I have a majority of the yarn bought already for these projects!

Ya'll have to keep me on track, I am already thinking about what the new projects should be!

Sigh that quilt down there, yes the "jar quilt" the top is done and it was supposed to be a going to college gift, well she graduated in 2008.. The top is almost complete, she even brings it up every now and then, her birthday has passed for the year but maybe I should shoot for 2020, she'll be

Year of Projects Year 8 July 2018-2019

This is the year of finally finishing projects...and I'm still working the cold sheep plan.

Current WIP- Crochet
Peach Blossom Blanket from this spring 2018
Bee Hive Blanket- Spring 2018
Unicorn Ripple- May 2018
Pom Pom Rug- April 2018
Wood Land Animal hats- November 2017
Whale Shark- Gift for E- from only a year ago
Carrot Snuggle sack- 75% done- Spring 2017
Flower Garden Blanket- Started 2016
Cardigan for Me -Started 2016
Sidewalk Blanket- started 2015

Current WIP in Cross Stitch
Moose Welcome Cross Stitch
Lizzy Kate- Be who you are
Log cabin Quilts
Lizzy Kate- Dog Lessons
Lizzy Kate- Cat Lessons

Sewing Projects WIP
Soot Pillows for E
Project bags
Animal applique pillows

Quilt Projects WIP
Jar Quilt for E-2005
Wolf Panel- quilt 2008
Log cabin panel- quilt 2006

Old Wool Projects -
Bags of Fleece- Wash/Process/Dye
Spin roving bought from Heelside Farms
Get the wheel out and do some spinning

Thanks for stopping by! We're just starting a new year so it's a great time to join the Year of Projects! You can find us here on Ravelry!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Year of Project week 52

Goodness this year has flown, I mean both the calendar and the year of projects too!
I'm struggling to keep up, is it really going to be July this weekend?!

I'm a bit late, did I mention I'm a bit behind, this post was supposed to be a Sunday post but Sunday ended up being berry picking/ jam canning day and I was just too out of it afterwards to get a post together. But I had to make sure that I had a end of the year post on the books. I checked back and I did manage to post for the first week of this year and a few in between so I had to make sure that I had one for the ending too!

I've managed a bunch of starts, and a few finishes this year.
Here's a couple that I managed to take pictures of before they were sent off.

Some of these have been around a while some started and finished in relatively quick turnarounds.
I think that the first and last picture were the oldest projects that finally get finished up and boy was I glad to see the end of the ribbon stitch blanket. It was most definitely a UFO..

I've started way too many blankets this year so that is going to be my main focus for next year. I reviewed  my 2017-2018 list and decided that  I need to take a long serious look at it and see if I'm still in love with any of those projects..
I did some pruning of my other crafts, cross stitch and quilting, while I'm not ready to give all of it up some things just don't interest me anymore and they were moved on to make room for projects I really hope to finish at some point.

Hopefully I'll be able to add some of these to the finishes column during year 8!

If nothing else I can say it's been a colorful year..

Thanks for letting me fall in and out of the year of projects and I'm hoping to stay on a better track for year 9! If you'd like to be a Yopper too check us out on Ravelry!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Year of Projects Week 51..

Week 51! Oh my goodness, I started out on track, fell off, got started back good and then the battery dies in my laptop, got it replaced, then the internet dies.. It's a been a rough couple of weeks on the computer front!

Can't say I've gotten a lot of craft done either, but it has been a busy time.

My daughter's best friend has opened a Vegan specialty store on the coast and I've been busy canning and creating items for her. Over the last month I've managed to can a s bushel of pickles in various flavors, make two kinds of strawberry jams, Squash pickles, a bushel of pickled beets, 1/2 bushel of dilly beans, Brussels Sprouts, taco radishes, and other pickled vegetables. Whew.. it's been a bit

But they are so pretty!! Pickles Beets.. so glad to be done with these for the year..

On the crafty side, I sent down a set of small vegetables, and a couple of pillow size veggies.
Some of the smaller veggies.. which I have been told are all sold already..

Pillow sized first order.
After these disappeared so quickly I got another order for Broccoli..Yes Broccoli
So I did one along the lines as the little one shown above..
That was a serious amount of yarn for those "ruffles" lol. But it will be on it's way to a new home next weekend. I hope she loves it! These have been a lot of fun but I'm ready to get started back on some normal sized items. I have more than I'd like to admit waiting for me to get back and finish them up! 

My WIP is a bit longer than I realized when I started working on the list for the upcoming year! It's time to move some of these things into the DONE pile, before I pull out any new projects. Although it was nice to do the small project and move on to something new so quickly. I'm also trying to not to over load my list with lots of new ideas, which is way harder than it sounds! I spend way too much time on Ravelry and Pintrest. But in my defense I have a serious yarn problem and why does it seem I never have what I need for a new project?

That's me for the week, and it is a bit late but it's here. I need to get started on a year of project round up and a list for the new "year" this week, wish me luck that I don't fall down the rabbit hole of new patterns an ideas before I get it wrapped up..

If you love yarn and projects, Ravelry is for you and it's almost time for a new Year of Projects. You'll find us here on Ravelry, we post every Sunday with an update on projects new and old and the year starts in July, so It's a great time to jump on board!

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Crafting!