Sunday, August 14, 2016

Year of Projects Week 7

The heat is keeping me from doing too much of anything outside so I've made a bit of headway on a few projects, only one that's worth showing but I do have a small finish that was made possible by a great tool that's been laying around forever. There is something to be said about going cold sheep it makes you dig into those crates and drawers for ideas!

First here's an update on one of the blankets I'm working on. All of the squares have at least two rounds completed and I'm working on the third color.

I hate the ends but I it's going along so well I might have to dig deep and come up another variation,

Here's my finish, it will be heading out in the mail this week. It was a quicky and I enjoyed both parts of the project. I was originally going to just do the hat but I happened to run across the fleece and it was on sale and I knew that I had a skip stitch blade I bought a few years ago but never used. Dug around and found it and I can say that I'm sorry I didn't use it back when I bought it!
Blanket with edging, the skip stitch made the whole process so easy.

Completed project and just in time for the season to start, not to mention the baby!

Pears are on too, so I'll have to make a bit of time for pear butter, Spiced pear slices and pear jams.

I've took a bit of time this weekend to hunt down a couple of patterns this weekend, I have a request for something a bit old fashioned but I wanted something with a twist, found this, Mystical Lanterns and I think it will be an upcoming project for the fall. It's just too hot to even think about large blankets right now.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Year of Projects Week 6

I've had a few projects keeping me busy the last couple of weeks and I wish I could say it was all crochet or at least yarn related. One at least still falls into the crafty category at least. Our daughter is doing Lapidary work full time and will be traveling a bunch in the near future. So as a family project we decided to build her a "Tiny House" on our land. She says it's not so Tiny being 16x24 with a 10 foot loft but from my perspective, it wouldn't hold all of my craft items and us

To keep the cost down and to keep true to the thought of repurposing items the loft walls are being done with reclaimed pallets. We are doing the reclaiming (cutting and sanding too) as well as the installation. It's been a bit of a challenge but well worth it. In two weekends we were able to cut the pallets down, and get all three walls done, with no major issues other than the heat! As you can tell we are not organized or clean workers but that part is done and we can move on to the next job! We've been asked Why in the world would we go to this level of expense and time, she could just stay with us, and that's very true. But we want to support her and her talent and if she decides to move on after a bit I'll have a great pottery/wool studio on our property! Hey two birds one stone and all that right?!

On to the yarn, I've got one small finish and one new project both of which I mentioned in my last post but here's the updates.
The Carolina Panther's inspired baby hat is complete and is just waiting for me to put some edging on the fleece blanket I picked up to match it. I think it something that they'll use and enjoy.

It's a bit silly and wonky in the picture Abbey (our chocolate lab) was wanting to stand on it before I could get the picture and it got a bit out of i guess that is what I get for using her perch as my photo area.

I was looking around for an interesting square and I found the one below from Drops Design. They had it as a hot pad or dish cloth and I thought it would make a very pretty blanket. I did a few to decide on colors, still working out of stash over here, and theses were my two favorites.

I think I'll end up with both but started with the Purple variation first. I have it mapped out as toddler size with 30 squares and a border, I spent my Sunday morning in the car so I made some headway and I hope to have made real progress by next weekend. 
The assembly line has started, this way I'm hoping not to get bored and want to start another project!

And one more of the progress on this blanket this is for a baby due in October, trying to stay on top of it too. But I keep finding new patterns and ideas and yarn and geez I want to do it all!!

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Owl update and Year of Projects Week 4

So the owl was delivered today!! Super excited on my part and crying on the mom's She loved it and I'm glad she's glad and then I'm also glad because I can move on to a new project.

Thankfully it came out better than my picture taking abilities! 

I'm in for a quick project for my next start and I have to work on a few that I've got in progress. 
Couple of more baby projects in the works, a black cat hat for friends of our daughter who are expecting  boy and are HUGE Carolina Panther fans. Dad has a running bet/fear that the baby will be born on the first home game of the So I thought a cat hat in panther colors would go over great as well as be a bit of fun. Mom is 26 and due in September, really active still, in fact she ran a 5k a week ago, while I'm lucky to get the yard mowed and trimmed in one weekend. I'm afraid my age is showing! It's strange to think these kids that bickered on the swings and made mud pies will be swinging with their own babies soon,,,time certainly flies.

In that black hole that is pintrest I found this super cute square that I'll have to work into the next baby blanket.
How to Crochet Pretty Granny Square BlanketI think I'd use it like my pink and green squares in progress. I haven't made much progress on those but I'm working on granny stitches around the connected center squares and then once it reaches a certain size I'll add another round of squares and then a boarder. Kinda like a simple Wendy blanket. Which of course is on my wish list!

As far as what's taking up all of my time this week it's still figs, this weekend was Fig Strawberry and Fig Marmalade.

 I need to start some plants for the fall garden but it's way too hot to start anything outside, so I'm digging into the stash for the next project!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Year of Projects Year 6 week3

Just as Short note this week to show the progress on the owl cocoon. It's finally coming together. lots of lose ends and a couple more crocodile rows to go and it will ready to send off. I'm also working on a blanket and a hat for the baby but I might just go ahead and gift the cocoon since it was a request. 
Owl Cocoon 

I think it's turned out quite well! I've made a few revisions to sizing and learned a new stitch but I'll be happy to see it off to it's new home. I'm working on a blanket and then an owl hat for the same baby, as well as a blanket for another. Hoping to have one more started after this, then one more baby gift and then it's back other non baby items.

AS for the Crocodile stitch, I had made it much worse than it really was. I'll be looking for another project to use it in. Any suggestions? Tell me do you love it, can you do with out it or like me and just hadn't tried it..

Figs are on and that's taking time away from crafting and soon fall bazaars and shows will start so I need to fit it all in. I could use another four or five hours to my day
These are what took up so much of my normal crafting time this weekend! 

As for my yearly list, I think I'll be carrying over the majority of the items. I am glad to say that some of it can be cleared off and a few things will be added. But one thing I can say is that I have kept my promise to myself to go cold sheep and only buy what I had to have for a project, like the owl. The stash has taken over and it needs to work it's way down a container or two, so that I can make room for other projects, like a quilt rack and the spinning wheel!

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Update: Year of Project Year 6 week 2

I missed week one already! But not for trying, the canning got a bit in the way over the Holiday weekend!

I might have been a bit over zealous when I went to the farmers market, since I picked up about 100 lbs in peaches.  The late frost took out of early peach blooms and I didn't want to miss out on peach jam this year. We can Jams for sale so the amount isn't really that crazy but all at once put me a bit behind. Of course the cucumbers are on too as well as blueberries so I was stuck in the kitchen the majority of my time off.
Here are just a few fruits of my labor;

SO now on to Crochet!
I did manage to work on a couple of items over the last couple of weeks, I haven't gotten the list updated but I'm hoping to have that done this week. And I'm hoping to be able to stick to it this year!

This is the one picture that I took last week when I was planning on getting a post out and a bit of an update it on it also.

This is last week
Today! Squares are joined and it's well on it's way to being the center of a new baby blanket

Progress on the Owl Cocoon, Cocoon parts completed, on to Owl parts next. It has a breast piece that is crocodile stitches, wings and eyes to go. It will be my first go round with the crocodile stitch so wish me luck!

Here's my cardigan, I had hoped it would be a Spring Cardigan but I think it's going to end up as a fall accessory. But that works too. The back and one side are complete. Work has started on the second side and that leaves sleeves. First garment for adults and depending on how it goes will determine if there are more in the future.

No progress on other items but I made a deal with myself, no new starts until one of these are finished. Just a bit of incentive to get a finish..

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Year of Projects Week 52

What! it can't be year end for the Year of Projects, I've barely scratched the surface of my list! 
And I've fallen a bit behind on the blogging too. I'm not ready to create a new list for the new year but I will show off a couple of finishes and maybe give an update or two while I contemplate the new year!

It seems to be the summer of babies around here.While this wasn't on the list it is a finish and I'll run with that! It was delivered this past weekend and I think it was received well. I love the pattern and I think it will be added to the to do list for Year 6, in a couple of colors for stand bys.  
For Baby #2 I'm working on a requested Owl Cocoon and a gift of a star shaped blanket in matching colors. These colors aren't really true but you can get the idea
I'm really  liking the dragonfly patterns for one and maybe a granny stripe for the other. Two years ago I made a granny stripe for big brother of baby 4 and mom loved it so I'm thinking that would be the way to go once I hear something about colors.

I did have a finish on an outstanding UFO,  This had been lurking in the pile for a couple of years and I finally decided it had to go. Well it was a bit more than that, the pattern and I weren't coming to a complete understand but the left side of my brain finally gave up to the right side and it all came together just in time for mothers day. This was the awkward  last minute blocking that I did on the freezer. It actually worked out well since it was so huge. I  then totally forgot to get a good picture but I should be able to remedy that in the future.

The cardigan is still in process, the CAL is coming along but I'm way behind, no one said there would be ripples. Ripples dislike me for some reason..
The flower garden aka weekender blanket is progressing slow but progressing.

I do have one thing that I'm adding to the list as a Christmas present. This Whale Shark, the kiddo is a huge fan of whale sharks and I always try to make something fun for the holidays.

That's about it for an update but I will be back next week with new ideas, until then check out these other great blogs or Join in Year 6 of The Year of Projects.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Year of Projects Week 32

Here I was thinking I was doing better about getting the posts up and I fall off the wagon again. In my defense the weather was pretty nice that week and a book I had on hold at the library came in so there wasn't much progress on craft front.

However this week ended up being a bit better, not totally where I had wanted to be but it's headway.
So I'll start with my update on the Groovyghan CAL. Week three will be out Wednesday so there is still time if you'd like to join us!
The pattern went from granny squares to hot buttered popcorn, of the puffy texture kind, not the greasy I want to eat the whole bowl by myself so you better back off kind. Check it out..

I decided that I would join all the of the pieces once this entire top section was complete. 

The work on the Cardigan is coming along too. The back is completed and I have started on the front panel. It's definitely a work in progress

I did take advantage of a nice day last Saturday and went to New Bern to visit Tryon Palace. It was a bit of a two birds one stone thing, they had a "free day" and a quilt show all at the same time.
I'll give you a quick shot of one of my favorite quilts and I'll admit to stopping in at a LYS but I came home empty handed, so the cold sheep promise is still holding on.
The hand applique detail on this quilt put it into a category of it's own. I'm working on a post with more pictures so this was just a tease..

And I walked away from this!! But I'll be back, I'm working on a post for this too. But if you can't wait here is their website.. Weaver's Web New Bern NC.

We've got a cold forecast coming up so you'll be able to find me huddled up under the blankets waiting for Walking Dead to return and working on a few projects!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Year of Projects- Week 30

This week has been horrible as far as weather goes but it has been conductive for Crochet.

I've made headway on my Cardigan. only 7 more inches to go on the back. I've adjusted for the sleeves and it actually looks pretty good for my first clothing piece. It's moving along quickly but can get monotonous so I've started two more projects,,

First here's the updated Cardigan

It's coming out better than expected..

So since this was going so well and I only have a couple dozen ideas and started projects I had a to join a CAL. It's for a groovyghan and I since I have a blanket in the works for my daughter that I'm not really thrilled with and a quilt that really needs work, I decided to work this one up for her. She laughed when I told her to shop the stash and come up with colors. We both think I can stay on track for this one since the clues come out every two weeks. It started January 13th and I've gotten the first step almost completed. I'll be joining these squares into a strip while I watch the Panthers play today. They aren't 'My Team" but it's our state so we are supporting them,

And the other project is one that was already on my list so that's headway and I'm till using stash to get it started so that's a plus too! This one is a take on Grandmother's flower garden. My grandmother taught me to quilt and I'd love to do more it than I do. Her last quilt that she had pieced was a Grandmother's flower Garden and it was completely made with scraps from clothing,curtains and other items she had made for the family. My mom has it but it is my favorite pattern. I'll be using my in my craft room so bright colors will be on the agenda. I wanted a lacy pattern for my Hexagons so I found Saundra Paul's Weekend Blanket
My first flower is almost completed and it works out great for a lunch or travel project. Lots of Hexagons in my future. White is the next round and then on to a light green, and I hope to join them together as I work so I don't have a lot of pieces just hanging around and getting carted off by a dog. Don't laugh it has happened..

I've seen a couple of diagrams related to this crazy winter storm we are having on the east coast, showing how many skeins of yarn you'll need in relation to the amount of snow in the forecast. We started out in a one skein and gladly we missed the worst of the weather, but I'm happy to say that I've been busy staying warm and busting my stash. Wishing you lot sof stash busting but no crazy weather to go along with it!

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Year of Projects Week 29

So now I remember why I put that pineapple throw into the closet for so long. Those points are driving me crazy, I've made a couple of starts and nothing looks right. So I put it down for a bit and I'll come back to it on Monday, it's my last holiday for a while so I decided to dedicate a bit to getting it right. It's just going to take a couple of tries to get it and then once I get it figured out it will be easy going for the rest and then the next challenge will be getting it blocked. Hopefully I'll have an update for that next week.

This week I do have progress to show for the cardigan, I'm one skein in and up to the 11 inch marker where I have to start thinking about arms. It's coming right along, I figure it should be finished before warmer weather rolls around, but the good thing about that is that my office is just a tad below freezing year around, so I'll have lots of opportunities to wear it.
A closer view, while I was working this morning while my helper napped.

Up to 11 inches and one skein in..

Doing a bit of early crafting for Valentine's Day. We have Jams and Spreads in a local boutique and the owner had asked if I had any ideas for Valentines, so I did a couple of these Burlap Hearts this week. She was pretty excited, hopefully they will go over well. I hear people complain about how quickly the stores are putting out items for the next holiday but when you are crafting, you have to be thinking way ahead to make sure it's ready by the time the general public is ready to buy!

Still plugging away on the sidewalk quilt, a couple more of the medium squares made. I might have to go ahead and join some this afternoon while I watch football. As far as blankets go I think I might be trying to join a Groovyghan CAL hosted by Keep Calm and Crochet on UK. It started up this week and new patterns will be posted every two weeks. Sounds fairly doable for me and I've always had my eye on a Groovyghan. While I'm on the afghan kick, I've been wanting to do one that is inspired by quilt patterns and I think I've decided to do a Grandmother's Flower Garden for my craft room. It's full of bright colors and something I can work on a bit at a time and Join as I go. I have my first couple of hexagons completed for the centers and I've pulled a few colors for my petals. Both of these blankets will help with my stash down project for this year. I'm working hard on going cold sheep so this should help me make room for those special skeins that I'm planning to pick up at Carolina Fiber Fest in March! 

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Year of Projects Week 28

I've got some progress to report on a very UFO project,it was supposed to be a Christmas present for my mom back in 2014 but it was side tracked by a few other items and it has sat untouched and maybe a bit unloved in a bag in the closet. I been on a kick to get some of this mess out of the house, and I pulled this project out and decided it had to be moved off the UFO listing..
I had labeled it the Round Pineapple blanket for Mom, it's really more of a throw but she'll use it in a decorative fashion I would think. It will match the colors she is using the in the "Front Room" also known as the room we are not allowed White furniture does strange things to people..

The pattern is Ruby's Pineapple and that version was originally a doily done with size 10 thread. I liked the pattern it looks a bit like Peacock Feathers to me so I fiddled around with it a bit and decided to use 2 RH soft worked together with a 10mm hook and it's worked out well. All I have left is to finish the final points on the pineapples and It will be done. So for now I'm thinking I have my Mother's Day shopping done,,
It needs a good washing a then to be dried flat to get a good form, it's been rolled up in a bag for a bit longer than a while..

Missing points to finish..

I've also made headway on a cardigan. I have three others on my list but decided to go with this one for my first real piece of clothing. It might just catch on and I'll be making more, so I haven't given up on those yet. 

It's not too much but it is progress, and this is my project for when I'm watching TV. Fairly repetative at least for the next 11 inches, then I'll be shaping for the sleeves, which will be highly modified!

Be sure to check out the Year of Projects blogs, for ideas and progress!

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