Sunday, August 14, 2016

Year of Projects Week 7

The heat is keeping me from doing too much of anything outside so I've made a bit of headway on a few projects, only one that's worth showing but I do have a small finish that was made possible by a great tool that's been laying around forever. There is something to be said about going cold sheep it makes you dig into those crates and drawers for ideas!

First here's an update on one of the blankets I'm working on. All of the squares have at least two rounds completed and I'm working on the third color.

I hate the ends but I it's going along so well I might have to dig deep and come up another variation,

Here's my finish, it will be heading out in the mail this week. It was a quicky and I enjoyed both parts of the project. I was originally going to just do the hat but I happened to run across the fleece and it was on sale and I knew that I had a skip stitch blade I bought a few years ago but never used. Dug around and found it and I can say that I'm sorry I didn't use it back when I bought it!
Blanket with edging, the skip stitch made the whole process so easy.

Completed project and just in time for the season to start, not to mention the baby!

Pears are on too, so I'll have to make a bit of time for pear butter, Spiced pear slices and pear jams.

I've took a bit of time this weekend to hunt down a couple of patterns this weekend, I have a request for something a bit old fashioned but I wanted something with a twist, found this, Mystical Lanterns and I think it will be an upcoming project for the fall. It's just too hot to even think about large blankets right now.

Thanks for stopping by! If you are interested in joining us on this adventure check out A Year of Projects on Ravelry! 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Year of Projects Week 6

I've had a few projects keeping me busy the last couple of weeks and I wish I could say it was all crochet or at least yarn related. One at least still falls into the crafty category at least. Our daughter is doing Lapidary work full time and will be traveling a bunch in the near future. So as a family project we decided to build her a "Tiny House" on our land. She says it's not so Tiny being 16x24 with a 10 foot loft but from my perspective, it wouldn't hold all of my craft items and us

To keep the cost down and to keep true to the thought of repurposing items the loft walls are being done with reclaimed pallets. We are doing the reclaiming (cutting and sanding too) as well as the installation. It's been a bit of a challenge but well worth it. In two weekends we were able to cut the pallets down, and get all three walls done, with no major issues other than the heat! As you can tell we are not organized or clean workers but that part is done and we can move on to the next job! We've been asked Why in the world would we go to this level of expense and time, she could just stay with us, and that's very true. But we want to support her and her talent and if she decides to move on after a bit I'll have a great pottery/wool studio on our property! Hey two birds one stone and all that right?!

On to the yarn, I've got one small finish and one new project both of which I mentioned in my last post but here's the updates.
The Carolina Panther's inspired baby hat is complete and is just waiting for me to put some edging on the fleece blanket I picked up to match it. I think it something that they'll use and enjoy.

It's a bit silly and wonky in the picture Abbey (our chocolate lab) was wanting to stand on it before I could get the picture and it got a bit out of i guess that is what I get for using her perch as my photo area.

I was looking around for an interesting square and I found the one below from Drops Design. They had it as a hot pad or dish cloth and I thought it would make a very pretty blanket. I did a few to decide on colors, still working out of stash over here, and theses were my two favorites.

I think I'll end up with both but started with the Purple variation first. I have it mapped out as toddler size with 30 squares and a border, I spent my Sunday morning in the car so I made some headway and I hope to have made real progress by next weekend. 
The assembly line has started, this way I'm hoping not to get bored and want to start another project!

And one more of the progress on this blanket this is for a baby due in October, trying to stay on top of it too. But I keep finding new patterns and ideas and yarn and geez I want to do it all!!

Hope you are having a very productive week, even if it's not with yarn. Need some encouragement? Click over to Ravelry and check out the Year of projects,with lots of great blogs to inspire you too!