Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Year of Projects Week 32

Here I was thinking I was doing better about getting the posts up and I fall off the wagon again. In my defense the weather was pretty nice that week and a book I had on hold at the library came in so there wasn't much progress on craft front.

However this week ended up being a bit better, not totally where I had wanted to be but it's headway.
So I'll start with my update on the Groovyghan CAL. Week three will be out Wednesday so there is still time if you'd like to join us!
The pattern went from granny squares to hot buttered popcorn, of the puffy texture kind, not the greasy I want to eat the whole bowl by myself so you better back off kind. Check it out..

I decided that I would join all the of the pieces once this entire top section was complete. 

The work on the Cardigan is coming along too. The back is completed and I have started on the front panel. It's definitely a work in progress

I did take advantage of a nice day last Saturday and went to New Bern to visit Tryon Palace. It was a bit of a two birds one stone thing, they had a "free day" and a quilt show all at the same time.
I'll give you a quick shot of one of my favorite quilts and I'll admit to stopping in at a LYS but I came home empty handed, so the cold sheep promise is still holding on.
The hand applique detail on this quilt put it into a category of it's own. I'm working on a post with more pictures so this was just a tease..

And I walked away from this!! But I'll be back, I'm working on a post for this too. But if you can't wait here is their website.. Weaver's Web New Bern NC.

We've got a cold forecast coming up so you'll be able to find me huddled up under the blankets waiting for Walking Dead to return and working on a few projects!