Thursday, July 9, 2015

Year of Projects Week One

yop banner 2.jpg

I've joined this great group on Ravelry called A Year of Projects . You have to be a member of Ravelry, and why wouldn't you be? It's an awesome site, I call it facebook for fiber people.

The idea is that you come up with a list of items, or projects or whatever that you want to accomplish over the next year. The year runs from July to June and it's in  it's 5th year. I personally need a push to keep me on track and of course I have a much larger list than I could finish in a year but hopefully this will ensure that I post regularly and actually have a few finishes.

I created my list a couple of weeks ago and of course I have added to it all ready. I signed up to do the Sidewalk CAL, again on Ravelry. Plenty of time to join and it's all simple squares that turn into something different. I've picked my four colors and started my squares. I'm thinking this one will go quickly, well relatively quickly for me.
There will be three or four different size squares and I'm working on the smallest ones first. I hope to have a few more done before next weekend and I might even have a few sewn together by then...

My list starts with older items that have been hanging around a bit too long and a list of few things that I am currently near the end of.

The Current WIP- Crochet 
Spring Granny Square blanket Next on the list!
Beachy Granny Square Blanket I've got to find the right colors for the boarder for this
Blue Star Baby Blanket I'm happy to report that this one was finish this weekend!
Mini Rings of Change I'm one round 36 of 41 so not too much longer

So far the idea has been working great for me, I've got a finish my Blue Star Baby Blanket, as seen below. I've also put together a few bundles with patterns and I'm still on the cold sheep band wagon, for right now anyway. I'll be digging into the totes to look for more skeins for the sidewalk CAL, but that doesn't count, right, it is for a project and not just yarn hoarding.

This post should have been on Sunday, but it's been a bit of a crazy weekend and I'm off today so technically, Tuesday is my Monday. (Edited to add that it's taken me till Thursday to get the pictures so I'm a bit later than planned) So for more updates check back during the week and for sure on next Sunday for another update and hopefully another finish!

If you're looking for farm ideas, recipes and cute animal pictures check out my other blog CluckCluckBuzz. I warn you super cute duckling pictures have recently been posted along with their foster mom, Matilda the Chicken!


  1. Welcome along and congrats on having a finish already. Hope you enjoy this yop year. Ruth.

  2. Glad you can join us. The squares look like you are going at quite a pace and you have had a finish already, well done!

  3. Welcome to Year of Projects, nice to meet you! :) And you even have a finished object already!!

    I am always late with my posts - I find the Sunday posts difficult, so I tend to post on Wednesdays instead. It's all fine, and I quite like it because it means that I can then check out all the other posts instantly because everyone else is more organised and has already posted, lol!