Sunday, August 9, 2015

Year of Project -Wk 6

Not a very busy craft week but I did manage to add a couple of patterns to my list of projects and I did manage to get all 60 of  small squares sewn together for my Sidewalk CAL. Now it's just one to the next phase medium squares, of which there are only 25 but we'll see how long it takes me to get the correct sizing..

Here's the latest on the Sidewalk CAL, it's coming along pretty good so far.
Sixty small blocks together so far,,

I spent a bit of time on Ravelry this week while I made some phone calls, I had to pass the time while I was on hold right?! And I ran across this ridiculously cute lion.. So expect to see him added to the project list. There is just something about the toes that just do me in! Check out her Ravelry patterns she has a few more awesome stuffies.

I have also had a couple of requests for some Tams or beanies for the fall so I'll be looking in my pattern books and checking out Ravelry this week for those too. Do you have a favorite pattern you'd like to share? It's always something new to add it's no wonder I can't seem to catch up!

We're also coming up on the end of peach season and figs are on so I'm picking and canning too.
If you're interested in the Farm Side check out my other blog CluckCluckBuzz.

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  1. found you thanks - like the lion - might have a look at the pattern - but like you I have so many projects on the go, not sure when - smile

    wouldn't dare to keep a diary of the progress of these projects - but I am just about to pick up one of the weaving ones this week - i hope!

  2. What a really cute lion and lots of lovely blanket square-ness going on. Ruth.

  3. Oh, canning sounds great! I wish I had more time to make jams and other things. That lion is cute and the blanket is coming along very nicely!

  4. Little Mr. Lion is too adorable! Peaches are just hitting their peak here, and while I really want to can some, I have a child getting married in 19 days and am not sure canning will fit into my list of things to get done before then!

  5. Really I don't see how you could resist such cuteness as that lion. Great job at seaming your squares. Probably much easier as you go then all at the end.

  6. What a wonderful lion, he will make a great addition to the list. Love how the squares are coming together.

  7. The lion is adorable! And's the toes. The paws are so bog and galumphy they're irresistible. :^)

    1. oops... that was supposed to be BIG and galumphy. Though galumphy paws might BOG him down a bit. ]^)

  8. Wow, that lion is adorable! And you're right, it's the toe pads that do it! Or maybe the adorable curls?

    I'm no help with tams or beanies - they just look dreadful on me so I don't knit 'em. Who am I kidding ... I just knit socks! I can recommend some sock patterns if you like :)

  9. I do like that lion... For me it is the expression on his face ;)