Sunday, January 24, 2016

Year of Projects- Week 30

This week has been horrible as far as weather goes but it has been conductive for Crochet.

I've made headway on my Cardigan. only 7 more inches to go on the back. I've adjusted for the sleeves and it actually looks pretty good for my first clothing piece. It's moving along quickly but can get monotonous so I've started two more projects,,

First here's the updated Cardigan

It's coming out better than expected..

So since this was going so well and I only have a couple dozen ideas and started projects I had a to join a CAL. It's for a groovyghan and I since I have a blanket in the works for my daughter that I'm not really thrilled with and a quilt that really needs work, I decided to work this one up for her. She laughed when I told her to shop the stash and come up with colors. We both think I can stay on track for this one since the clues come out every two weeks. It started January 13th and I've gotten the first step almost completed. I'll be joining these squares into a strip while I watch the Panthers play today. They aren't 'My Team" but it's our state so we are supporting them,

And the other project is one that was already on my list so that's headway and I'm till using stash to get it started so that's a plus too! This one is a take on Grandmother's flower garden. My grandmother taught me to quilt and I'd love to do more it than I do. Her last quilt that she had pieced was a Grandmother's flower Garden and it was completely made with scraps from clothing,curtains and other items she had made for the family. My mom has it but it is my favorite pattern. I'll be using my in my craft room so bright colors will be on the agenda. I wanted a lacy pattern for my Hexagons so I found Saundra Paul's Weekend Blanket
My first flower is almost completed and it works out great for a lunch or travel project. Lots of Hexagons in my future. White is the next round and then on to a light green, and I hope to join them together as I work so I don't have a lot of pieces just hanging around and getting carted off by a dog. Don't laugh it has happened..

I've seen a couple of diagrams related to this crazy winter storm we are having on the east coast, showing how many skeins of yarn you'll need in relation to the amount of snow in the forecast. We started out in a one skein and gladly we missed the worst of the weather, but I'm happy to say that I've been busy staying warm and busting my stash. Wishing you lot sof stash busting but no crazy weather to go along with it!

If you'd like to join A Year of Projects follow this link from Ravelry and jump in anytime!



  1. I do love that Weekender Blanket and I look forward to seeing yours grown - with your flower garden inspiration.

  2. I love your hexagons and the colours are gorgeous. Your cardigan is coming along nicely, but I know the feeling about wanting to start new and exciting things!

  3. I love your hexagons and the colours are gorgeous. Your cardigan is coming along nicely, but I know the feeling about wanting to start new and exciting things!

  4. I totally knew you were signing up for the Groovyghan KAL. When you posted the link I was tempted - and I'm not really much for crocheting or for blankets, LOL! It's just so freeform and unexpected!

    You're off to a good start with the hexagons. I've had to promise not to do any more modular patterns - I can put off the joining and weaving in of ends FOREVER!!! I hope you have more self-discipline than me!