Monday, June 27, 2016

Year of Projects Week 52

What! it can't be year end for the Year of Projects, I've barely scratched the surface of my list! 
And I've fallen a bit behind on the blogging too. I'm not ready to create a new list for the new year but I will show off a couple of finishes and maybe give an update or two while I contemplate the new year!

It seems to be the summer of babies around here.While this wasn't on the list it is a finish and I'll run with that! It was delivered this past weekend and I think it was received well. I love the pattern and I think it will be added to the to do list for Year 6, in a couple of colors for stand bys.  
For Baby #2 I'm working on a requested Owl Cocoon and a gift of a star shaped blanket in matching colors. These colors aren't really true but you can get the idea
I'm really  liking the dragonfly patterns for one and maybe a granny stripe for the other. Two years ago I made a granny stripe for big brother of baby 4 and mom loved it so I'm thinking that would be the way to go once I hear something about colors.

I did have a finish on an outstanding UFO,  This had been lurking in the pile for a couple of years and I finally decided it had to go. Well it was a bit more than that, the pattern and I weren't coming to a complete understand but the left side of my brain finally gave up to the right side and it all came together just in time for mothers day. This was the awkward  last minute blocking that I did on the freezer. It actually worked out well since it was so huge. I  then totally forgot to get a good picture but I should be able to remedy that in the future.

The cardigan is still in process, the CAL is coming along but I'm way behind, no one said there would be ripples. Ripples dislike me for some reason..
The flower garden aka weekender blanket is progressing slow but progressing.

I do have one thing that I'm adding to the list as a Christmas present. This Whale Shark, the kiddo is a huge fan of whale sharks and I always try to make something fun for the holidays.

That's about it for an update but I will be back next week with new ideas, until then check out these other great blogs or Join in Year 6 of The Year of Projects.


  1. Your blankets are gorgeous and they take such a long time to do. The freezer is a great idea!

    1. Thanks Lucy, Part of the delay is that I get side tracked half way and start something
      I need somewhere warm for that monster to dry and area to dry it on so I finagled it around and it actually worked.

  2. Your blankets are gorgeous and they take such a long time to do. The freezer is a great idea!

  3. Your blankets are really great and completing so many is no easy thing either. Looking forward to seeing what next year holds for you.

  4. I'm wanting to try the Dragonfly Baby Blanket. I just discovered it recently. And oh my - that Whale Shark is so awesome! Looking forward to seeing what you create next YOP year.

    1. There is something about that dragonfly pattern that makes me think summer babies. I was excited when I ran across the whale shark, I'm been trying to stay away from patterns lately but I think that would lots of fun to make and to receive! Ah I'm afraid year 6 will have a bunch of hangers on from last year but I'm always looking form something new..